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Assessment in HE Resources

Click here to access shared examples of good Higher Education assessment practice.

Learning Platform Suite

Blackboard (adding background colour and images)

Kaltura (screencasting)

Kaltura (streaming media)


External Resources

Aurasma (augmented reality)


Camtasia (talking head video presentations)

Canva (image editing and text tool)

Doodle (polls for meeting scheduling)

Edpuzzle (video learning and quizzes) (Interactive images and presentations)

GuidiGO (geolocation application for experiential learning)

Kahoot (interactive quizzes for classroom-based learning)

Photoshop (basic image and text editing)

Playposit (video learning and quizzes)

Skype (webinar group chats)

Sway (multimedia presentation / document)

Tackk (Online discussion space / blogs)

TodaysMeet (Online discussion board)

TedEd (Video learning resource)

QRStuff (QR code generator for websites)

WordPress blog