Kent’s Material Culture – from relics to texts

Some of you may remember the NHLF-funded ‘Finding Eanswythe’ project that was run by people from History and Archaeology at CCCU with Dr Andrew Richardson: Well the same team […]

Canterbury Maps and Mapmakers, plus other events

We are now a month away from the Medieval Canterbury Weekend and things are beginning to gear up which is very exciting. I’m delighted that several long-standing friends of the […]

Kent History Postgraduates, CKHH Projects and students in the archives

Firstly, for those who have been trying to book Medieval Canterbury Weekend 2022 tickets this week an apology because I have been informed that due to government changes, the CCCU […]

Canterbury and Gloucester – maps and the Crypt School

I thought I would report that this week Dr Diane Heath had her ‘Beastly Latin – Latinbarbus’ monthly workshop in which her group of volunteers are translating the First-Family Bestiary. […]