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Unleashing the potential of Hydrogen.


Unleashing the potential of Hydrogen.

Abbie Kempe explains the importance of partnership working across the region to capitalise on new developments to support net-zero emissions by 2050 in the Kent and Medway.

Supply and logistics, manufacturing maritime, aviation, transportation to name a few… Hydrogen could support the UK’s decarbonisation efforts across a number of sectors, in a wide range of applications. As hydrogen technology continues to advance, the opportunity that this highly versatile energy vector represents to the South East and the UK’s efforts to reach its net zero target for 2050 should not be ignored.

Progress is already being made regionally with some game-changing initiatives and developments such as Project Cavendish, Thames Estuary Hydrogen Route Map and Ryze Green Hydrogen Production in Herne Bay. But to unleash this massive potential and unlock a low carbon economy for the South East requires the collaborative efforts of academia, companies and government to foster these opportunities, build on our capabilities and expertise in the right areas to create a sustainable greener future.  

As highlighted at Kent and Medway’s first Hydrogen Summit, investment, skills development and policy support are needed to establish demand; increase the scale of deployment and reduce costs. Working together as a region to address these challenges through the development of a new generation of workers with skills and innovative research will put us in good stead to capitalise on funding and investment opportunities. The Summit hailed the start of such partnership working with the County’s three universities, but it is only the beginning to many collaborations across the region.

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Abbie Kempe is Head of Enterprise & Engagement.

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