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Navigating Your Development Journey.


Navigating Your Development Journey.

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We in Organisational and People Development (OPD), are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure the development opportunities we offer colleagues are the most relevant and current.

The first challenge is, there is just too much to think about!  Learning is constant – it’s such a necessary activity to keep up to date with what we need to know.  The second challenge is – how do we find out about what development is available, and how to access it?  It’s a tough nut to crack and we still get asked about our offer as colleagues try to navigate their way around the treasure trove of learning activities.  Well, here are some hints and tips, which we hope will provide a map for you to follow. 

The Programme

The planned programme can be found in StaffSpace under the Career & Development tab.  You can do a quick search by course name or type. Don’t forget to click on the box that says only with availability. 

If you’re not sure of the course title, visit the OPD web pages for the full list. We have listed the events in 3 forms – by date, by theme and also our regular sessions which includes Your Development MOTs and 1:1 Manager Development sessions. 

The programme is added to regularly and contains sessions run by trainers and development collaborators across the University including Learning and Teaching Enhancement (LTE), IT Services, Programme and Academic Administration (PAA), MOSI and Quality and Standards Office (QSO) etc.

Also check out the training matrix to ensure you are up-to-date with all your mandatory and statutory training.

Resources and Guidance

Our Resources and Guidance web page has information on our positive performance conversation project, and a page for new starters, links to our wellbeing pages and resources and information on our coaching and mentoring service. 

Further Qualifications

We also support further qualifications, so if you want to continue your education take a look at the policy and process

Learning Online

We have a section on online learning and we are adding to these eLearning courses and digital learning opportunities on a regular basis.  Also, all of our programme will be offered on a virtual basis until we feel it is suitable to offer face to face training. 

There’s a lot to navigate through, but hopefully you will find what you need – but if not, then just ask!  We do offer 1:1 Your Development MOTs which is a great way to focus on your own development needs. So feel free to book a slot to talk about your development with a member of the OPD Team.

Lynne Gill, Organisational and People Development

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