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Moments of Learning.


Moments of Learning.

What are our moments of learning? And how much notice do we really take of them?

As a developer I am privileged to witness many moments of learning where course delegates, or coachees, or groups I am working with have points of clarity, realisation or take knowledge or understanding from our discussions. Usually these learning moments are overt in that they are lined up and expecting them.

However very often the true learning from any development activity comes much later down the line and often goes unnoticed. The next time you are having that difficult conversation and it is slightly less anxiety provoking than you thought; that meeting you chair that gets a great range of discussion and concrete outcomes; the confidence you have to volunteer to support a community campaign; that job application you submit that gets you the interview.

Does it matter that it is unnoticed? In many ways, not at all; in fact overthinking it might take away from the flow and ease with which your learning is embedded. Perhaps more helpful is a process of regular reflection on your developmental journey, checking-in where you are, congratulating yourself for progress made and reminding yourself what is still to come. There are many ways to do this, some more structured than others. From a simple diary note to an annual self-review, find the way that works for you, but developing a reflective practice can reap rewards.

A quick google search will give you lots of ideas (for example MindTools has a good range), however a great resource has been written by Centre for Career and Personal Development’s Senior Lecturer Barbara Bassot’s book “The Reflective Journal” available through the bookshop: and in the Library.


Juliet Flynn

Staff and Organisational Development Advisor

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