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Mental Health for All and for Ourselves.


Mental Health for All and for Ourselves.

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In Friday’s blog we highlighted that the theme for this years World Mental Health Day is Mental Health for All, an important perspective to connect with. Today is a Monday and perhaps you are feeling a little more like you want to connect with your own mental health to help you through the week ahead? As well as the support we so often remind you about, here are a few additional ways you might do that here at CCCU.

The Arts and Culture team for last year’s World Mental Health Day set up a graffiti wall in the Daphne Oram Building. This year it has gone online (hasn’t everything!!). Why not add your thoughts or scribbles to their World Mental Health Day Virtual Graffiti Wall and share some positivity. You can add pictures, reflections or anything that makes you happy or helps keep you calm. Posts are anonymous (although if you are logged in to your Padlet account when you post, your name will appear in the list of contributors, but not associated with your post).

The Chaplaincy is offering virtual prayers at 10am each day via Microsoft Teams if you want to take time for spiritual reflection.

And don’t forget to take part in our World Mental Health Day photo competition. The theme is hope and is a perfect opportunity to take time out, notice the positives around you and share a bit of happiness.

We are into the season of crisp Autumn mornings so maybe start the day with a brisk walk or at least a few gulps of fresh air – it really does have an overwhelming impact. If you want something a little more active and are back at the Canterbury campus then Christ Church Sport and Active Health are just starting their Couch to 5K and outdoor Boot Campus programmes. If you are at home or would simply rather exercise there, then there are virtual classes still running, or you can see recordings of many of them on You Tube.

Another more relaxing way to connect with colleagues across the University with a shared interest is through groups such as the Christ Church Creatives group who meet virtually weekly to learn and share crafts together. If reading is more your thing then the bookclub is meeting online on the first Tuesday of every month at 1-2pm, contact for more details. Their book for October is Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel.

Happy Monday!

Juliet Flynn; People, Culture and Inclusion Team

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