Anne Cooke, Rachel Terry and John McGowan discuss whether there is a viable alternative to psychiatric diagnosis.


The beginning of February saw the launch of an ambitious document  aiming to offer a new way of thinking about human distress. The Power Threat Meaning Framework (published by the British Psychological Society) emphasises the role of adverse experiences in emotional suffering. The PTMF also offers an alternative to more traditional psychiatric diagnostic categories. The panel discuss the how useful the document may be, and some of the criticisms which have been made of it.

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Links to things we talked about on this show:

The main Power Threat Meaning Framework is available here, along with shorter summaries, slides from the launch.

A short piece by Richard Bentall and Mary Boyle covering some of their main criticisms of the use of diagnostic categories in mental health is available here.

A recent talk by John on suicide prevention is available here.


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Producer: John McGowan

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