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Family Interventions in Psychosis, new BPS guidelines


Family Interventions in Psychosis, new BPS guidelines

Dr Maria Griffiths, from the Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology, has been a contributing author to the recent BPS publication “Family Interventions in Psychosis: Guidelines for psychologists and practitioners supporting families and social networks”.

The guidelines bring together current knowledge and experience, to inform psychologists and other practitioners who are aiming to support the routine provision of family interventions for adults experiencing psychosis. Each chapter tackles a different area of practice and includes case examples to illustrate key points, as well as recommendations for developing local services. The document underlines the essential role played by families and social networks, and the need for practitioners to work in partnership with these networks to achieve the best outcomes.  The guidelines are free to download from the BPS website and details of the launch event – hosted by the BPS – are available here.

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