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Podcast: Race and Mental Health.


Podcast: Race and Mental Health.

Rachel Terry, Laura LeaJohn McGowan and guests discuss two recent high profile publications on the subject of race in mental health


Though the effects of race and ethnicity on mental health have been written about and researched for many years, a wide range of inequalities persist in the mental health system. In particular, young black men are over represented in secure services and in the figures for detentions under the Mental Health Act. The last few months have seen the publication of two documents which attempt to improve this situation. One is a recent statement by the Royal College of Psychiatrists aiming to tackle the effects of racism and discrimination in the UK health system. The second is a BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) service user led document, the ‘Kindred Minds Manifesto’. To discuss these, and the multiplicity of ways in which race can influence mental health outcomes, the regular panel is joined by Raza Griffiths, the author of the Kindred Minds Manifesto, and by Trainee Psychologist Lauren Bryan. We also have interviews with sociologist Harshad Keval, Clinical Psychologist and journalist Masuma Rahim, and Psychiatrist Samei Huda*. All have considered the effects of race and discrimination and all have views on what has failed to happen thus far and what needs to happen now.

It’s worth noting that this episode (at just under 90 mins) is one of our longer ones. However, it perhaps risks stating the obvious to say that it’s a big and complex topic.



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Links to things we talked about on this show:

The page for the Kindred Minds Manifesto has some associated resources also linked. If you wish to make a donation to help produce a print run of the manifesto you can do so here. Though Raza mentioned a launch of the manifesto in July we’re now uncertain as to whether this will happen so. If you think there is value in the manifesto being more widely read there is something of a premium on the rest of us sharing it. The best way is via the link in the first paragraph above.


Raza mentioned the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health’s ‘Breaking the Circles of Fear’ report. This is now 16 years old but still contains a great deal that is relevant. It can be downloaded for free here.


Samei and John referenced and Channel 4 interview with Jacqui Dyer, vice-chair of England’s Mental Health Taskforce. An analysis of the issues raised in this interview (and covering a lot of ground relevant to this podcast) recently appeared on the Kings fund Website. The author Mandip Randhawa is also active on Twitter @MandipRandhawa7.


Masuma regularly writes about a range of issues connected to psychology and mental health. You can read many of her articles on her blog.


Please note The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any of the contributors’ employing organisations.

 *Note. John erroneously introduced Samei as being based in Liverpool. He is actually based in Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust (on the other side of Manchester). 

Producer: John McGowan

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