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Herne Bay Newsreel 1936.


Herne Bay Newsreel 1936.

The second Herne Bay Newsreel produced by John Clague RIBA annually between 1935 and 1970.
John was a keen amateur filmmaker who lived in Herne Bay but worked in Canterbury where he set up Clague Architects.
The film is shown here in its entirety.

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2 comments on “Herne Bay Newsreel 1936

  1. My Grandma Vivien Brookman/Meek was part of the Daily Mirror Eight (the first part of the footage) and may be in this video Herne Bay Newsreel 1936. .
    Do you know the date it was filmed? Or the month?
    I ask as we have doubt as to her presence depending on the time of that year as she became pregnant – my father was born in January 1937.
    The family would be delighted if it turns out we actually have her on film.
    Many thanks,
    Christopher Meek (Grandson)

    1. Hello Christopher, I have had a look at the original film to see if there were any clues to when this sequence was shot. I’m afraid the only indication of the time of year was that this sequence was the first part of the 1936 newsreel and so I would guess it was somewhere between mid spring and early summer. Best wishes, Tim

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