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Boating Lake but where?


Boating Lake but where?

This film was made in about 1946 by John McCallum, a schoolboy at St Edmunds at the time. 
He set up the CACS Film Unit and went on to have a successful career as a professional cinematographer.

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8 comments on “Boating Lake but where?

  1. I remember it well, the aluminium paddle boats, Toddlers Cove, the donkey rides.Great fun as a 5/6 year old travelling from Margate. The Toddlers Cove pool was closed when Polio was at it’s height,I believe the virus was found in stagnant water there !

  2. I remember using those paddle boats in the 60s till our hands blistered. Was it visible from the train, & a BT building built nearby?

  3. Westgate Gardens 1960s (re-opened after the polio scare?): donkey rides, sand island surrounded by water for paddling, donkey rides, boating lake, ice-cream and tea stall. Great fun!!

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