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New Mental Health and Wellbeing online learning resources.


New Mental Health and Wellbeing online learning resources.

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Today I want to signpost you to two new courses in our E-Learning Portal catalogue which both cover topics related to mental health and wellbeing.

The first, Mental Wellbeing and Resilience, will introduce you to ideas of mental health in the workplace, and some of the challenges and stigmas that still exist when talking about mental health at work. It provides guidance on having positive conversations, and there is an activity to create a Wellbeing Wheel for yourself.

The second course is Managing your own Self-Care and Wellbeing. A highly practical course, this focusses on tools and techniques which may reduce stress and increase wellbeing in your life by introducing healthy habits.

Picture in a frame on a wall. The picture is is just these words - Self case isn't selfish.

Both courses are accessible through our E-learning portal, find them in the course catalogue.

Don’t forget we have lots of other wellbeing resources available on our Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing webpage.

Juliet Flynn, Organisational and People Development

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