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My favourite TED-Ed videos.


My favourite TED-Ed videos.

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I like to binge-watch TV shows. Some nights I find I’ve lost hours online, just watching episode after episode: Netflix, Prime, iPlayer (have you watched Staged yet? If not, you should!) There’s just so much I want to get round to watching and so many good shows that I keep revisiting. But is it really the best use of my time?

Probably not. Ok, ok. No – definitely not. I mean, yes, it helps me switch off and wind down after a long day ‘at the home-office’, but it’s not great to lose huge chunks of time staring at the screen.

So, like many things, it’s all about balance. Recognising that I do need some time to switch off and watch something ‘mindless’. But whose to say that I can’t also use some of that ‘binge-watching’ time to watch things that will help me develop?

To that end, I’ve got some really interesting TED-Ed videos to share:

So, there we have it. A bit of a mix – but variety is the spice of life and all. And, on that note, it’s time for me to walk away from the screen, put the headphones away and go for a walk, spend time with my family, read a book – and any number of others things that don’t result in me binge-watching. Because, although I love it, I should keep it in moderation.

Zoe Connell, Organisational and People Development

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