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Podcast: What is Home?


Podcast: What is Home?

On the edge of Brexit the panel discuss the meaning of home.

You could fairly say the UK is on the cusp of a huge change. When we recorded this episode (early March 2019) the Britain was scheduled to leave the EU at the end of the month. That hasn’t happened, though the situation is, if anything, even less certain now.  To discuss the impact of all this on people who have chosen to settle here, regulars John McGowan and Laura Lea were joined Dr Kate Foxwell who has been conducting research into the sense of home held by EU citizens living here. The panel were also joined three of our Clinical Psychology Doctorate trainees who work in the NHS: Sonia Lopes, Julian Himmerich and Riccardo Zito (from Portugal, Germany and Italy respectively). 

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Links to things we talked about on this show:

Information on the EU settlement scheme can be found here.

A summary of Kate’s research (not yet published) is available here.


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