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Whitstable Seafront and Harbour.


Whitstable Seafront and Harbour.

Filmed by Tony Blake and his brother, William in around the late 1950s or early 1960s. Tony was a local historian in the Chestfield and Whitstable area who started collecting amateur films of the local area before the value of home movies was widely recognised. He regularly gave public screenings of these films and much credit is due to him for his early work ensuring the archiving and preservation of amateur film. On his death in 2011, his collection of Kent films was passed to Tim Jones, Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University.

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4 comments on “Whitstable Seafront and Harbour

  1. 20 seconds slipway at Anderson, Rigden and Perkins Boatyard in Island Wall. I worked here for three summers between 1976-8.

    1. I remember playing in that boat yard around 1956 and watching Mr Anderson & or Mr Rigden installing a Rolls Royce Merlin engine into a clinker built cabin cruiser named the “Marilyn” they had to mount the engine off kilter because of the torque the Merlin put out, I remember her sea trials didn’t amount to much, I think she was vibrating to much to rearly open her up Can you add anything to that. was any stories told around the yard

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