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Whitstable Carnival


Whitstable Carnival

This film of Whitstable Carnival was shot on Std 8 film by Jumbo (George) Gisby, a keen amateur filmmaker, who was a taxi driver in Whitstable.

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4 comments on “Whitstable Carnival

  1. I am a Whitstable boy born in 1958 I probably attended this carnival which I think is 1964 or 5 the sea cadet leader was a Stroud but I can’t remember the first name and I think that the young boy in the final frame might be Michael Hancock

  2. I was born in Whitstable,my grandparents and parents were know for doing the carnival,Smithers and snook,my parents and grandparents floats are in this film I am also in it , brings back great memories .

  3. A little bit of Whitstable Sea Cadet history right their Linda. Thank you for telling me about the video, I think the Cadets would like to sea this too.

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