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Ramsgate Carnival 1967.


Ramsgate Carnival 1967.

Produced by keen amateur filmmaker, Tony Wright who was a member of Canterbury Cine Club for many years. He ran the stamp shop in Northgate in Canterbury and later, a joke shop. The 71 films in his collection are mainly of local events.
This collection of films comes from the Tony Blake Archive of Kent Film.

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3 comments on “Ramsgate Carnival 1967

    1. Hello Alan! What was so different about that era from now? I’m doing some research for an article and would love to chat… xx

  1. Does anyone have any further memories of this revolutionary year and the ‘Summer of Love’ that they’d be willing to share with me? Please email me if so! Myths and legends abound… Was it just London or was Kent a place of change too? Hope to hear from you, Francesca xx

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