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Barton Road Estate in the 1950s.


Barton Road Estate in the 1950s.

A unique record of Mount Road in the 1950s before the Barton Road Estate was completed.

It was filmed by John Purchese, a well-known figure in Canterbury. He had been Mayor of the City and Chairman of KCC. He worked in the film industry as a sound recordist.

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Comment on “Barton Road Estate in the 1950s

  1. This is brilliant. Interesting to see half of Mount Road still unbuilt and Pilgrims Way.
    I lived on Barton Estate from the late 1960s and remember playing on the old allotments before they built the ‘new’ houses on Pilgrims Way, near the bridge. We would also go up to Mounts Farm (Little Barton Farm) and play houses in the apple pallets! I remember that we found some interesting fly tipped sheets of Letraset and transfers!
    There was a crèche for the fruit picker’s children too and so many orchards.
    Now destined for housing I think.

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