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A short introduction to research data management (RDM)

What is research data? “Research data is defined as recorded factual material commonly retained by and accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings; although the majority of such […]

From castles to hospitals – researching Kent’s past

This week is more some short reports on people’s activities around the county rather than notices of what’s coming up next week. However, looking slightly further into June, I thought […]

AI for Business and Enterprise Conference

Shaping the future- insights and innovations from the AI for Business & Enterprise Conference

The CCCU AI Conference was a hub for knowledge and networking, drawing a diverse audience eager to explore the future of artificial intelligence.

Assisted dying is a public issue, not a personal trouble, and regulation must reflect this

Dr Jennifer Dvorak explains how when considering a change in law for assisted dying we must consider social influences and ensure it does not become a normalised part of medical care.

5 things to do with your old clothes

Clothes hold a lot of memories and nostalgia, so its hard to get rid of them when they’re no longer in use. Personally, I separate mine into two wardrobes – […]

Mind over Mocha: Episode 5

Amanda talks with colleague Senior Lecturer Dennis Nigbur about his research focus on Social Psychology and how his own experiences of migrating to the UK impacted his engagement with social […]

Embracing Neurodiversity: A Folk Rebellion Through the Lens of “The Wandering Lamb” at Canterbury Christ Church University

by Tom Delahunt (the #hobopoet) In the heart of Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), beneath the sprawling branches of wisdom’s tree, a folk rebellion quietly unfurled its banners last month. […]

Managing emotions as a medical student: Part I

Being a medical student is a unique experience. It comes with rewards and challenges, and, at the end of it, an exciting career presenting several opportunities to make an impact […]

Inspiring Minds through Industry 4.0 and Immersive Technologies

Over 60 key-stage 4 students visited CCCU on Saturday 23rd April as part of the Inspiring Minds outreach program, taking place through Spring 2024. Students took part in an interactive […]

Staff Varsity

Staff Varsity

Join the Ultimate Showdown: CCCU vs. UKC What’s Happening?Get ready for an exhilarating day of sportsmanship and friendly competition. The University Staff Varsity Competition is a brand new event featuring […]

Study UK Alumni Awards 2024, Business and Innovation Award winner!

Huge congratulations to Lishini Tilakaratne (MBA 2020) for her success as the winner of the Study UK Alumni Awards 2024, Business and Innovation Award in Sri Lanka.

APSC Equipment list

The equipment listed below is available for loan or use depending on the model. Please contact 10 days prior to your desired day. Victoria – birthing simulator – Gaumard […]

New exhibition: Drawing Lots

A new exhibition has opened in the Daphne Oram Gallery at CCCU, featuring the work of Greg Stobbs, covering his many different styles and disciplines from street art and murals […]

Find Your Voice – Complete your student survey today!

The CCCU Team shares why national student surveys are important and how they use your feedback.

Students explore the role of virtual reality in speech and language development with the Creative Innovation Hub

In November 2023, the BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs and Inclusion studies (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education) programme worked in partnership with the Creative Innovation Hub (CIH) to deliver […]

COP28 Divisions

Transitional fuels, decarbonisation, losses and damage, GHG inventory, politics, money, business strategy – these are the issues which divided the COP28 community. Dr Natalia Slobodian reflects on her time spent at […]

Flipping the Partnership: A case study of developing students as partners in learning to promote adherence to the flipped classroom model.

Dr Katie Dray (Section of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences; School of Psychology and Life Sciences. Contactable at The context: At level 6, Sport Coaching students are encouraged to […]

Meet the winners of The Big Idea Challenge 2023

This year CCCU’s Student Enterprise Service, LaunchPad, proudly introduced The Big Idea Challenge: a brand-new competition encouraging all CCCU students and recent graduates to share their impactful ideas in hope […]

Arts & Crafts Service at Canterbury Cathedral 1937

The ‘Arts & Crafts’ service at Canterbury Cathedral in 1937. This was filmed by by Sydney Bligh who was a keen amateur filmmaker, who produced a 90 minute newsreel each […]

The Beginning Teacher in the Science Religion Encounter

End of Project Online Event This project is a research project led by Canterbury Christ Church University with 5 other universities, funded by Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF0375) as part […]

School of Allied and Public Health Professions School Awards 2022

We are pleased to celebrate our award winners of 2022 and wanted to share some of their inspiring quotes.

World Book Day: Spotlight on Student Author

Chantil Thomas, first year Media and Communications student, shares her motivation around her debut book ‘Selah-Encounters’ with the Canterbury Christ Church Student News team. I’ve always been writing, never really published […]

chalk on pavement saying you got this

Being a Leader of Smart Working

The development of the new Smart Working Framework here at Christ Church gives you, our leaders, an opportunity to embrace contemporary and motivating ways of working with your teams: enhancing […]

Can we all be superheroes?

What do superheroes mean to us and who can identify with them? John McGowan is joined by Clinical Psychologists Lauren Bryan, Gina Harwood and Alan Hebben-Wadey to talk about superheroes. […]

Nuria Martinez Research Interests: I am interested in exploring the relations between social identities, rhetoric, collective action and social change in intergroup contexts. Current Research Projects: My current research is […]

Key trends in the legal market to know about before you apply to work in a law firm.

Canterbury Christ Church University, Law School, is welcoming Mr Craig Sharpe to talk on key trends in the Legal Market and their relevance to Law Students on Monday 31st at 3-5 […]

Is your child in preschool or reception?

Canterbury Christ Church University’s Learning and Development lab are looking for children and parents who would like to take part in new research. Our ‘Talk about Thoughts and Feelings’ and […]