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This research theme explores issues relating to society and the environment and ways in which understanding behaviour, experience, and attitudes can help towards a better society. The research within this area covers:  

Justice Support Dogs International (JSDI): The lab was established to promote the use of professionally trained Justice Facility Dogs (also known as ‘facility dogs’) in the UK Criminal Justice System and vulnerable people in higher education. 

Groups and culture: Exploring areas such as media discourses, immigration, acculturation, social and national identity, religion, multiculturalism, gangs, and bullying.  

Prosocial behaviour and emotions: Examining charitable giving, social movements, and mass mobilization, and exploring the moral evaluations and experience of emotions towards other individuals.  

Environmental sustainability: Examining the promotion of pro-environmental behaviours and public reactions to environmental debates.  

Forensic: Exploring the treatment and profiling of offenders. 


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