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James Murphy

Recent Publications:

Murphy, J. (2019). Three approaches to teaching secularism in religious studies. Implicit Religion, 22(1), 50-57.

Murphy, J. (2018). Theory, method, and implicit religion. Implicit Religion, 21(1), 112-118.

Murphy, J. (2017). Beyond “religion” and “spirituality”: Extending a “meaning systems” approach to explore lived religion. Archive for the Psychology of Religion, 39(1), 1–26.

For a full list of publications see my Staff Profile.

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the psychology of religion, spirituality and other beliefs. In particular, it explores spiritual experiences and worldview formation. I am also interested in research methodology and qualitative research synthesis.

Current Research Projects:

My PhD is entitled “The Self and the Sacred: Exploring the relationships between experiences deemed spiritual or religious and beliefs using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis”.  It has developed a new form of multiperspectival IPA to investigate the lived experiences of individuals from a range of different faith traditions in contemporary Britain. It explores the relationships between beliefs, practices, identity, and personal experiences.