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We study aspects of consciousness and conscious awareness and the underpinnings and cognitive outcomes relating to human and animal behaviour.  The research we undertake includes:

Attention and perspective taking: Using eye-tracking and cognitive tasks to explore the influences on the allocation of attention and the ability to take another person’s visual perspective; exploring attention biases to environmental stimuli; and exploring underlying processes in face recognition.

Anomalous cognition: Exploring evidence of extrasensory perception (ESP), including precognition, telepathy, and psychokinesis, and examining the implications for human consciousness.

Comparative cognition: Examining cognitive abilities across a range of domestic species (i.e., dogs, cats, horses, mules) to find out how they perceive the world and solve problems. Understanding animal cognition as an important aspect of everyday welfare.

Group Members:

PhD students:

  • Helen Smithson
  • (Completed) Samantha Reeves – “Effects of subliminal priming on mood and cognition” – Awarded 2015.
  • (Completed) Tammy Dempster – “Exploring the methodology of alpha neurofeedback” – Awarded 2012.