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Dr Dennis Nigbur.

Recent Publications:

Nigbur, D., Fernández, A., Coen, S., Franz, A., & Hocking, I. (In press). Sustainability in the workplace and the theory of planned behaviour: Norms and identity predict environmentally friendly intentions.

Robinson, G., & Nigbur, D. (2018). Experiences of musical performance anxiety in final-year undergraduate music students: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Social Psychological Review, 20(1), 2-29.

Jugert, P., Rutland, A., Brown, R., Cameron, L., Nigbur, D., Watters, C., Hossain, R., Landau, A., & Le Touze, D. (2017). Increasing ethnic diversity moderates longitudinal effects of individual differences on friendship homophily. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 27(5), 411-423.

Consorte-McCrea, A., Nigbur, D., & Bath, A. (2017). Implications of teenagers’ attitudes toward maned wolf conservation in Brazil. Canid Biology & Conservation, 20(5), 16-24.

Nigbur, D. (2017a). National character. In F. M. Moghaddam (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of political ehaviour (Vol. 2, p. 520). Sage.Nigbur, D. (2017b). Nationalism. In F. M. Moghaddam (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of political ehaviour (Vol. 2, pp. 527–530). Sage.

For a full list of publications see my Staff Profile.

Research Interests:

My research interests are mostly related to social identity and culture. I use qualitative and quantitative methods to examine how groups such as nations, ethnic or religious groups, and neighbourhoods work; how people identify with them; and how members adopt (or do not adopt) the symbols, values and behaviours promoted and reproduced by group culture. I am also interested in the maintenance of environmentally friendly habits through collective norms and identities.

Current Research Projects:

My current research focuses on:

  • Lived identity: national identity as collective lived experience.
  • Experiences of acculturation, migration, and multiculturalism.
  • Individual and social predictors of environmentally friendly behaviour.
  • The content of national identities (symbols, values, and traits) and their sensitivity to national identification and context.

Developing Research Areas:

I’m working with lead researcher Kate Foxwell on a project concerning the meaning of home for European immigrants to the UK, especially in the context of Brexit.

With Evangelos Ntontis, Stavroula Tsirogianni and Emmanuela Williams, I’m also working on a media analysis of collective victimhood in Brexit-related rhetoric.  

Recent Research Grant Awards:

  • Nigbur, D., Ntontis, E., & Tsirogianni, S. (2020). Collective victimhood in populist rhetoric: Rage against the machine? CCCU RESF (QR) funding (£1644).
  • Nigbur, D. (2017). Making sense of acculturation/National identity as collective experience. CCCU QR funding ($223.40).
  • Nigbur, D., & Abbott, N. (2016). Imagination and acculturation. CCCU QR funding (£4395).