SGO: (Re)introducing Amy!.


SGO: (Re)introducing Amy!.

Hi everyone! My name’s Amy and I’m really excited to be the SGO 20-21 #livingwell officer. I was also part of the SGO last year and am excited to carry on my role.

My hobbies include singing, playing the ukulele, watching a lot of Greys Anatomy and cooking.

I love bulk cooking as a good way to use up leftover veg and prep food for a later date.

Last year I really planning hands-on events that fostered conversation, my favourite event being the Fairtrade chocolate tasting in Augustine house. We looked at different brands of chocolates and how each of them helps the farmers that grow the cocoa used. That kind of event may be a bit difficult this year but that is the beauty of the internet!

The part of sustainability that I am most interested in is the intricacies that come with sustainability and how it intermingles with every part of your life. Not only does it mean recycling but also how we interact with the world around us, looking at how the way we live impacts the world around us.

One of my favourite parts of being a project officer was undertaking a project in my life to make a small change writing blog posts about how I found it. (E.G. When I nurtured my own sourdough starter  and then made a loaf with it (even though it did die on me))

This next academic year is going to be a strange one for us all and we can’t underestimate the toll it is going to take. Usually, as a Student Green office, we would be organising events on campus for you to get involved in, encouraging and showing different ways to implement sustainable living within your life. This year we are going to be hosting different kind of events and activities which should hopefully introduce sustainability in a different way.

Through the use of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we’ll keep you up to date with any events, important dates, blog posts to keep the sustainability conversation going. What would you like to see from us and get involved in? Drop us a message on any of our social media and we will get back as soon as we can.

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