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Your Guide, Your Experience: Learning and Teaching at CCCU


Your Guide, Your Experience: Learning and Teaching at CCCU


Welcome to the Partners in Learning Blog; and if it isn’t your first time, welcome back!

For all the newbies who haven’t been here before, this is a place where we (The Partners in Learning Team) showcase some of our most exciting projects here at Canterbury Christ Church University.

This term we’re going to be giving you an insight into one of the largest projects we’ve ever undertaken here at Partners in Learning, ‘The Learning and Teaching Strategy: Student Edition‘.

This project aims to translate the University’s official Learning and Teaching Strategy into a student friendly version.

Without going into too much detail, the official Learning and Teaching Strategy was released late 2015; and is designed to ensure the University’s resources and activities are in line with achieving the University’s 2015-20 Strategic Plan (more information on the Strategic Plan can be found here, and the official Learning and Teaching Strategy can be found here).

The Canterbury Christ Churches Learning and Teaching Strategy foresees:

The development of a vibrant learning community of staff and students in which outstanding learning, teaching and assessment practice plays a key role in providing a first class higher education experience and excellent outcomes, underpinned by and contributing to research and knowledge exchange and shaping the physical, social and spiritual environment of the university.

By translating the Strategy into a Student Edition, we are making it more accessible to students. With greater understanding and engagement with the key principles of the strategy, we aspire to empower students to take ownership of their learning experience.

As well as the creation of a Student Edition for the Strategy, the team will be presenting their work at the University’s Annual Learning and Teaching Conference and at the RAISE National Conference, but more on that later…

So for now, let’s get to know the team that will be bringing you this very exciting project:



Georgia Horsley:

Hello, I’m Georgia. I am the youngest of the team, and am in my first year at CCCU studying Education Studies. I’m a happy-go-lucky glass half full kind of person, always looking to make new friends and seize new opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to stop and say hi if you see me around campus or out and about in Canterbury!


Sophie Worrall:

Hi I’m Sophie! I’m the weirdest melee of a human – both a hardcore history student and the Vice President of the Musical Theatre Society! Completely Disney obsessed to the point of knowing every word of The Lion King and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Claire Street:

Hi, I’m Claire, I love the author Michael Ondaatje and I read The English Patient weekly, very meditative. I am currently loving Sticky Finger (the Aussie band, not The Rolling Stones album). I despise blurry photos and The Rolling Stones (who I saw in Johannesburg and really didn’t rate). And I wish I could put Paprika on everything! Except sweet potatoes, which I absolutely hate, yuck!


Maria Gnanajeyarajah:

My name is Maria Laisa Gnanajeyarajah and I am a 2nd Year Law Student. I describe myself as very talkative and patient. I am an animal lover, especially dogs, and similar to many students, I love going out with friends to have a great night whenever possible.


Savannah-Jade Swan:

My name is Savannah-Jade Swan, I like health & fitness, pubs (not clubs), red wine, skiing, clothes and shoes, being kept on my toes, anything pink and sunshine! (My life in a sentence).


Ana Garrancho:

Hi, I am Ana, a mature and EU student, always happy and seeing the positive side of each situation. I love to joke and play around, I am loving university and all that comes with it. My course is BA (Hons) Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring and I am currently in 2nd year. My aim is to help people, especially students from any age and background. This project is good as gold for me. It is all that I wanted to do.


Daniel Loveday:

Hi I’m Dan, I’m 22 years old, currently studying in my second year of university at the Broadstairs campus, enjoy reading, photographing at any occasion and chance possible…and generally having a good time in life.

Other then these I also really love music, more into my rock’n’roll than the more contemporary stuff, going to live gigs and concerts has to be one of my favourite things to do; having seen such stars as Lou Reed (Velvet Underground), Iggy Pop (The Stooges), Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and various others. I find myself always looking out for the next opportunity to see one of the old greats, well, whoever is still kicking round, that is.


Phil Mooney (Staff – Project Lead):

Hi I’m Phil, I’m the Student Engagement Officer for the University and I lead the Partners in Learning initiative.

I love dogs, my beard and rugby (not necessarily in that order) and I love to cook, but not bake…I am a terrible baker. Oh and I really love pigs! One day I am going to buy a farm and fill it with hundreds of pigs. Seriously, pigs are awesome!


Gabrielle Dern (Staff – Project Assistant): 

Hi there! I’m Gabbie and I’m the resident Aussie on the team. I  moved to Canterbury eight weeks ago because I saw one of the vegan cafes here post a cute picture on Instagram (and for this job at Canterbury Christ Church of course!). My favourite food is grilled banana with peanut butter (and a little bit of sea salt) and I absolutely love Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show…I could watch his skits forever. Oh, and one day I would love to live in either New York city or Paris (or both!).


Until next time,

Tschüss, Tschüssi

The Partners in Learning Team



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