I feel it is vital to keep engaging with the students learning story.  Recently, within a module of the nursing degree pathway, we had the chance to open the learning within a creative context.  I referred to it in the last blog…with the idea of finding a community of creative thinkers.

This acted as a catalyst as I was given the chance to make a learning environment more representative of my learning style. These words are from a student who had to break through that discomfort and take flight… these are her words.

Words with Wings:

Senior lecturer, Thomas Delahunt, introduced me to the use of poetry in academia during the second year on the adult nursing degree, at Canterbury Christ Church. Having a legal background made me sceptical at first.  I couldn’t visualise how it could be used to meet the learning objectives. I was all too used to being given material to read, recite, and demonstrate compliance.  As nursing students it’s easy to readily accept and not question material. Through the use of poetry, Tom taught me a whole new way of learning.  One that pushes you out of your comfort zone. One that makes you reflect and learn about yourself as you engage with literature.  One that enables you to explore ethical considerations, question, challenge and test ideas. The learning environment is safe and inspired, the learning experience is innovative and holistic.  When you share your ideas through poetry, you have a voice louder than you can imagine and your words have a bigger impact; words have wings.
….Laura Martin….

What I love about this little insight is the clear transformational learning journey.  This is what academics often hope to achieve but often overly control or own.  The idea that still centres the #poeticnursingheart is the nurturing of the butterfly flame.  This allows the reader to understand the fragility of the creative learning space but also how very beautiful and valuable the learner is.