Sophie recalls what she believes to be a crucial point in the project which inspired her success.

Looking back at the first few weeks of the project it is clear that there were a few defining moments. For me personally, the Prezi (created by fellow team member Savannah Swan) was a defining moment of the project. One of the first tasks set by Phil (the University Student Engagement Officer and project coordinator) was to create a short presentation on what ‘Learning and Teaching’ at University meant to us and how we would describe it to others. Savannah created a Prezi for her presentation and it inspired the whole team.

The emotive nature of the music and the way it was presented in such a humble fashion made it really hit home as to what we were trying to achieve. After Savannah’s presentation, I think we all realised just how important this project was and just how powerful the Learning and Teaching Strategy could be for students (hence the slogan – You Have More Power Than You Think). The emotional reaction from Rayya Ghul (Head of Academic Development) made it very clear that a lot of people had a lot of time and heart invested in the strategy and that we would definitely feel the same by the end of the project – if not already!

Watch Savannah’s Prezi

The emotion was clearly positive but also made me nervous. The positive responses and love that everyone had for this project put a lot of pressure on us as the student team who were tasked with developing these ideas from scratch and, up until this point, we didn’t have a completely clear idea of just how big the project was. It was after this session that I realised just how much was riding on our work and it spurred me on to make sure that we put every bit of passion possible into this project.


Sophie Worall