#CCCUPIL20 crowd sourced poem

So, there I sit waiting to be introduced. Thinking, what can I possibly say to this room of academics and students? What value is there in my role @CCCU and innovation within the butterfly flame?

I remembered on the way into the university that morning I saw a beginning of a murmur. I was thinking about the collective conscience. What do they know of each other’s fears, anxieties and experience. I was also reminded of a conversation I had with the ‘bearded baker’ a friend and pastry chef. We spoke about the point and value of deconstructing recipes to then rebuild them in a new or slightly altered form.

This gave me the constructivist scaffold with which to talk about my passion and my experience within my time so far at the university. It also allowed me to ask the delegates their impressions of meaning. I asked for a response to the question what is knowledge? And then what is learning?

I think it’s vital that within any learning environment we continue to challenge the perceptions of others and more so…. our perceptions. It is vital because it can challenge ignorance born or nurtured within us or within others.

We then used the next smaller break out session to develop and construct the poem below: the shape and the tempo is all meant. It was discussed that the shape of the poem should be moving and the middle stanzas should be read in a mechanistic ‘cog turning’ tone.

The whole process has been so cathartic as I finally got to speak that voice that I hold back. The voice of many trapped in boxes. Slowly accepting the negative perceptions during many attempts to try something different.

The Murmuring of deconstruction,

There is a still small voice, A connection within,
The transient waters move by carrying the present
The movement of the self, unchecked.
Gathered together in the trees sharing the promise of the seasons
Loving the exploration of the spaces between,
What is it that hold together the known and unknown,
Growing and moving across the skyline with your community
Reacting to the reflections in the water
Oscillating with a sense of change
Excited by the joys of transformation and becoming
To make a place of sense and warmth with others
Edging close to a sense of the divine
Leading us together in shared purpose
A part of something real, something now
Not a stagnant cup of captured thought
A big part of the question
1      5     0     5     4    3
What is knowledge?
What is learning?

What an amazing opportunity, a small intimate and valued symposium. We opened and closed with the ‘ode to the breadbasket’ and in the time we had together we painted a picture of potential. A feeling of awareness and grace. A small but real activist voice focused on the denegation of perceived power and the rise of alternatives. Like the murmur, we flexed and pulsated. We moved in an unsynchronised harmony. What an amazing opportunity……

#CCCUPIL20 crowd sourced poem