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What is Culturosity?


What is Culturosity?

The students who co-designed and created it, tell us a little more about Culturosity

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Equality and Diversity Manager, and Student Engagement via Partners in Learning at Canterbury Christ Church University presented us, student facilitators, a brief to devise and to create a workshop on Equality and Diversity. The brief asked us to focus on designing an interactive session that is ‘to help students develop more sensitive behaviours and to value difference in the context of Higher Education, employment, and the development of graduate attributes’ (CCCU, 2015).

After the success of last year’s student devised Culturosity workshop, we are really excited to be delivering and expanding the workshop again this year with a few new twists, fresh student faces and ideas!


Without giving too much away; this fun filled workshop aims to bring awareness surrounding Equality and Diversity using a multidisciplinary approach of activities. One of our Culturosity aims is to allow students to explore, understand and celebrate their uniqueness, whilst also finding common ground and building rapport before their academic year kicks off!
Victoria Barrow – Williams,  Lucy Hoople,  Precious Smith 

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