We have said, Goodbye to library fines, now we say “adieu to administration fees too”.


We have said, Goodbye to library fines, now we say “adieu to administration fees too”.

We have already said, “Goodbye to library fines” now we have added administration fees to the list of potential savings.

So, if you didn’t know back in February 2023 we all said, “Goodbye to library fines”. The Library and Learning Resources Team had worked with University of Kent and University of Greenwich and came to the decision to no longer charge late fees for overdue library books and items. Unless your loaned items were reserved by another user, your books will now automatically renew!

No more worrying about how to contact the Library team to renew your items!

After further investigation, this is what the team found.

The Library team wanted to see if the amount of money saved could be measured. The infographic displays the results here:

Upon further investigation, we found the number of fines saved from 445 Library users has been a massive saving of £4,899.80 worth of fines.

What else could the library and learning resources team do, to prevent potential library costs?

The Library and Learning Resources Team have been looking at ways to reduce potential fees further.

In August we said, “adieu to administration fees too”

We know accidents can happen, books can get damaged or be misplaced, we know this doesn’t happen very often but when it does it can cause stress and anxiety. Before August you would have incurred a £5.00 administration fee.

Here is the good news, from August 2023 the admin fee has been taken away and this will no longer be charged for lost or damaged library items. This leaves a little more cash in your pocket and a little less stress taken out of your day.

Just to let you know, I’m afraid we do still have to charge for overdue items made through the Document Delivery Service.

Happy studying everyone!

If you have any queries regarding your loaned items please don’t hesitate to contact the library and learning resources team who will be happy to advise you with any queries regarding loaning items from the library.

For further advice please refer to the Say Goodbye to Library Fines page on the Canterbury Christ Church University webpage.

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