Are you graduating this week? We’re still here to support you.


Are you graduating this week? We’re still here to support you.

Graduation. CCCU Alumni

Congratulations to all the students who are graduating this week. It’s a great feeling knowing all the hard work has paid off. Whatever your plans are going forward, we are still here to support you in any further learning you might want to undertake after graduation.

To do this we’ve changed the membership pricing for our alumni. You can now join the Library for FREE in the first year after Graduation and we’ve significantly reduced membership for any years after that to £20.

We also don’t want anyone who may have graduated in 2020 to miss out due to COVID-19, so you can still apply for a free year of membership too.

What is available for alumni members of the library?

Wondering if joining is right for you? Let’s look at what we have to offer:

  • Access to the library and its collections (please see our Opening Hours page for more details on when public members can use the library).
  • A borrowing allowance of:
    • eight items from the 4-week loan collection,
    • two items from the 7-day loan collection,
    • eight items from the curriculum resources collection.
  • The ability to request items from another Christ Church University library
  • Support on the use of the library, including finding books and using our library catalogue (LibrarySearch).
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Use of the visitor PC with limited access to electronic resources.
  • Printing, photocopying and scanning facilities.
  • The Learning Skills Hub is open access, so you can continue to use it for your academic, personal and professional development.
  • A RefWorks alumni account. You can continue to access your RefWorks account after you graduate even if you don’t join the library as an alumni. But you’ll need to update your account before you leave the University. Instructions are available on the RefWorks webpages.

That sounds great… How do I join?

Go and visit our new alumni pages on the Library website and complete the membership form. Once we have received your application, we will set up your account within five working days. When your new library card is ready to collect, we will contact you. You will need to bring proof of identity and proof of address when you come to collect your card. If this isn’t your first year after graduation you’ll need to bring a way to pay the membership fee. But remember if you graduated in 2020 you’re still entitled to a free year’s membership.

That’s all there is to it.

Your relationship with the Library doesn’t have to stop at Graduation. We’re looking forward to supporting your ongoing journey, wherever it takes you.

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