Read, Learn, Return!.


Read, Learn, Return!.

With the end of term approaching fast, many students are eagerly awaiting their graduation ceremonies and their return home for the summer. But remember, those library books need to return home too!

So if you have any library books sitting on your desk, please make sure you bring them back to the library before you leave us, so that they’re ready and available for students to borrow again next year.

How do I know what books I haven’t returned?

You can access your account through LibrarySearch. Make sure you’re logged in and select My Account, then click Checkouts to see which items you still need to return.

Will I be fined for overdue books?

We do not charge fines on overdue items, except for document delivery items. Instead, if you have an overdue item, your account will be suspended. This means you will not be able to take out any other items until you have returned the overdue item.

If an item is still overdue after 14 days it is considered lost. There will be a charge for replacing the item (including a £5.00 administration fee). You will receive your invoice by email. Any unpaid bills after 14 days are managed by the University’s Finance department. They will issue an invoice and pursue the outstanding charges.

So it’s definitely in your best interest to return any books you don’t need for the summer and essential if it’s your final year.

What if I can’t return them in person?

If you can’t make it back to the library to return your books yourself, books can be posted back to their home library. We recommend you send items by recorded delivery.

For Augustine House library please send to:

Library and Learning Resources,
Augustine House & Hall,
Rhodaus Town,

For Salomons Institute of Applied Psychology Library please send to:

Library and Learning Resources
Lucy Fildes House,
1 Meadow Rd,
Tunbridge Wells

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