UPDATE 06/07/21 – The third floor quiet zone and shelves are now accessible. Third floor study spaces can be booked again online. Access to stock has returned to normal.

The original message read:

The third floor quiet zone – including the shelves – is currently inaccessible because of a broken window.

This means you won’t be able to book study spaces in the third floor quiet zone or group study rooms until we’re able to fix the window. You will also be unable to browse any of the shelves on the third floor except for the fiction shelves in the silent zone.

You can still book study spaces on any of the other floors, and we still expect there to be plenty of room for everyone.

If you need to borrow an item from the third floor, we may be able to fetch it for you. If possible, please submit your request well in advance of your visit using this form and wait for the email to confirm your books are ready to collect.

Apologies for any inconvenience this causes while we work to fix the window.