For National Poetry Day we set you the challenge of contributing a line of poetry about Augustine House to help celebrate its 10th year. You did not disappoint! With numerous wonderful contributions all brought together, I’d like to present our poem about our library.

Knowledge is Power

The start of my future
My second home
A cathedral of learning forged from flint, glass and steel
A greenhouse of thoughts, a place where the mind grows
Curiosity, wonders and answers

The escape from reality
Lost in a world of dreams
The best place for night time studies
Within these walls of knowledge does wisdom grow?
A world of wisdom

The library is where I find myself belonging
Best place to learn, express knowledge and socialise
A space that nurtures my thoughts and aspirations
A tranquil learning environment
Solace inside of a book

A world of endless possibility
Where anything can happen
But it could never happen without you
A bookshop open 24/7
And it’s free!

I like the building it’s welcoming
The toilets are clean!
Help with my course and I found a group of friends
You can come together to work.
It makes it easier

The heaven sent
#Stressless tent
Has a French fry scent on weekends
Lots and lots of work and laughter
Library is heaven for me

The place that springs forth
the inner mind and personal capabilities
Augustine House preserves Augustine’s wishes for growth
From the foundations of the building
Grew the foundations of my career

Offers brightness
And a future to grow
Wandering through the moving bookcases, a maze to my degree
Endless information to help me get my first
A world of knowledge

… Knowledge is power
… Poetry is the core of our humanity

Augustine House by night

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the activity. Our randomly selected winner of Bookshop Vouchers was Marissa Clay. Congratulations to Marissa.