Augustine House maintenance work commences on 30 January.


Augustine House maintenance work commences on 30 January.

Augustine House exterior

On Monday 30 January, maintenance work will commence across Augustine House. The work will take place sequentially across all floors, in areas of the atrium and study zones. The work will only affect small areas at one time, but some study spaces will be unavailable for short periods. Don’t worry! there will still be plenty of study spaces available at all times. You’ll experience some noise disturbance if you’re studying near the work that’s taking place.  

Ceiling tiles will be removed around Augustine House in the areas where work will take place, but in general, if you study away from the wall that divides the study zones from the atrium, you are less likely to be disturbed.

quiet study space
An example of a study space that will be affected by the work in a group or quiet study zone

Silent zones

We are working with the external contractor to ensure there’s always a silent zone available free from disturbance. Work will begin in the third-floor silent zone on Monday 30 January and no work will commence in the second-floor silent zone until that has been completed. So we recommend working in the second-floor silent zone next week if you’re looking for a nice quiet place to study.

Group study rooms

We will endeavor to accommodate all existing group study room bookings but maintenance will need to take place in these spaces so they will be unavailable at certain times.

Group study room AH3.12 will be unavailable on the 7 February for electrical testing.

Water dispenser installation

At our November Shape our Library event, we were asked to make additional water dispensers available in Augustine House. We are pleased to announce that new water dispensers will be installed on Monday 30 January. There will be some noise as the machines are installed in the first-floor group study zone and the second and third-floor quiet zones.

There will be a water dispenser here soon

Keeping you updated

We will keep you updated via local notices and @ccculibrary Twitter as the work progresses around the building.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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