Saying goodbye to library fines – Answering your questions


Saying goodbye to library fines – Answering your questions

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Last week we announced we would no longer be charging fines on overdue library items from the 3 February. As we’ve put the message out, we’ve been asked questions, so let’s look at what you’ve wanted to know.

Why have you decided to end library fines now?

We wanted to help support students through the cost-of-living crisis and finding a way to make library circulation work without the use of fines, was one way we could.  We want to ensure our libraries are accessible to all.

Will this be in place for all students or just at Canterbury?

We’re working in partnership with The University of Kent and The University of Greenwich to ensure this applies to all our students, including our KMMS students and those studying at Medway and Salomons.

So, without fines what will happen if my items are overdue?
If you have an overdue item on your account, you simply won’t be able to borrow any new items from the library until that overdue book has been returned.

You’ll get notified by email if any of your items need to be returned and you can check your account on LibrarySearch.

If I have an overdue book, will I still be able to access online resources?

Of course! An overdue book won’t prevent you from accessing any of our online resources such as e-books or online journal articles.

If I have a book that’s been overdue for a long time, can I return it now and not pay a fine?

Yes, you sure can! We won’t charge you a penny, so this is a great time to return that book you only realised you’ve had out for over a year and forgotten about!

What incentive will there be for users to return items on time?

The no-fines policy should encourage good community behavior without the need for financial penalties. We’re trying to ensure no one is excluded from using the library because of their financial means. Any user who does have an overdue book can no longer borrow any additional items from the library until it is returned. The policy for items overdue for 14 days or more remains the same. Items will be treated as lost and the full replacement cost (and £5.00 administration fee) for the item will be added to the user’s account. So, there are still incentives in place for everyone to return requested items and share library items responsibly.

Are there any library charges remaining?

Yes, students who use the document delivery service should be aware that fines still apply to those items. As the items being borrowed aren’t from a CCCU library, the lending library late charges will still apply.

Our replacement charges for lost or damaged books remain the same. But that doesn’t happen very often. Just look after the items you take out and you’ll be fine. Remember items that are overdue for 14 days or more are treated as lost and will be billed accordingly. See our fines and overdue items page for details.

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