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Podcast: The Psychology of Brexit


Podcast: The Psychology of Brexit


John McGowan, Angela Gilchrist and Rachel Terry discuss the psychology of the forthcoming UK referendum on membership of the European Union.

Note:  This podcast was recorded before the tragic death of Jo Cox MP on the 16th of June 2016. Friends of Ms Cox have set up a fund to encourage donations to charities she supported. You can find more details here.

A transcript of this discussion can be found here


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Some links mentioned in the show

Daily Telegraph Piece about Daniel Kahneman’s views on ‘anger and irritation’ in the Referendum

John’s McGowan on the Scottish Independence Referendum (from 2014 – 2nd piece in feature. The other two are very interesting also!)

A short introduction to Social Identity Theory.

A very interesting piece by Matthew D’Ancona about some of the expectations on both sides of the argument.

The UK in a Changing Europe project is a network of social scientists providing evidence-based, non-partisan analysis of the UK’s relationship to the EU.

Full Fact offers analysis of the claims made by both sides in the Referendum.


Producer: John McGowan
Music: www.bensound.com

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3 comments on “Podcast: The Psychology of Brexit

  1. Good stuff folks. Just listened. Not a bad start. Melanie Klein eh? Extra points for staying calm amid all wild claims going round at the moment.

  2. To the commenter above. The sound cloud feed is linked in the illustration of the group talking. There is a ‘play arrow in top left hand corner but clicking anywhere in the illustration will work.

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