On Friday 5th May Anne Cooke (Principal Lecturer and Joint Clinical Director of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology) was presented with the British Psychological Society Practitioner of the Year Award by the Society’s President, Professor Peter Kinderman at a special ceremony in Brighton. 

The award recognises Anne’s public facing work to make available good quality information and debate about mental health, and specifically her work to edit and produce the Society’s major public information report ‘Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia’ www.understandingpsychosis.net.   

The official announcement states that:

‘Anne has made a significant impact on the knowledge and practice of British clinical psychology.  Anne has demonstrated that the best research is inclusive of its participants and intended beneficiaries.  Anne is passionate about improving the lives of people traditionally excluded from society. She uses her humanity and keen sense of social justice as well as her professional knowledge and skills to improve clinical psychology itself as well as improving society as a whole. For many years Anne has inspired numerous trainees, qualified staff and people who she comes into contact with  to be the best they can be.  Understanding Psychosis  represents a crest of a wave in Anne’s career and will have a lasting legacy within society.‘