Monthly Good News #5: January 2023.


Monthly Good News #5: January 2023.

It’s the final post in which I can say Happy New Year! Soon, we’ll be in February, and then it’s just a normal month again. So, while we’re still in January, let’s remind you of what Monthly Good News is about.

In short, it’s my personal attempt at reminding you that Earth is not an inherently bad place to be and humans are striving for better every single day. The core message here is PEOPLE DON’T TOTALLY SUCK, HAVE A NICE DAY, and I try to convey that to you by rounding up as much good news from the prior month as possible.

This is January’s. Even in a month in which it’s super cold and kind of sad and everywhere you look you’re being taught how to make your sustainable new year’s resolutions, there are still good things happening and good news being made.

So here’s the news:

In conclusion:

People don’t totally suck, you know. Have a nice day.

By Bethany Climpson, Sustainability Engagement Assistant

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