Monthly Good News #10: June.


Monthly Good News #10: June.

This blog post was reuploaded in August.

We’re halfway through the year already. Which is a lot of days. 181 days to be exact. And in those 181 days, a lot of wack things have happened. A bunch of them probably happened in June. So we’re back to combat that bad feeling. That EVERYTHING SUCKS AND WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE feeling. That NOTHING IS WORTHWHILE feeling. Because it’s unfounded and hopeless and the world is full of a lot of positive people doing extraordinary things.

And extraordinary crocodiles too. (You’ll see.)

So here’s the message of the month, to counteract everything bad: This week I watched that 2019 Brad Pitt space movie Ad Astra. And in space movies, there’s usually a lot of hopelessness. But, subverting expectations, Ad Astra lets Brad Pitt monologue more than once about hope and how he wants to return home, to Earth, because that’s where love is. And love is always worth coming home for.

I’m sorry, here’s the message: There is a lot of love on planet Earth. It is stored in the people.

Here is the good news I found this month:

Spend some time with a loved one, plant a bee friendly garden and have an excellent weekend.

By Bethany Climpson, Sustainability Engagement Assistant

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