Hololens Webinar by George Arealis.


Hololens Webinar by George Arealis.

HEE are nearing delivery of a national portfolio of simulation and immersive learning technologies that will offer free access to prioritised resources, initially to support closing Specialty Trainee Gaps. The first step has been to pilot distribution, evaluation and collection for hololens headsets.

Here in KSS Mr George Arealis, Cons T & O Surgeon at EKUHFT has been busy discovering the capabilities of the MS Hololens headsets.

THURSDAY Dec 16 19.00 – 19.30

Please contact for the link to join George in a zoom meeting in which he will provide a brief overview of his work.

Topic: Hololens by George Arealis

Time: Dec 16, 2021 19:00 London

EDIT – Thanks to all who attended, if you were unable to make the event, please head to our YouTube channel to watch this fascinating webinar!

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