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A simulated person or (SP) is a sample patient who acts as a real patient in order to simulate a set of symptoms or problems within a working scenario.

Simulated people are regularly used in education and for evaluation of health care professionals. The simulated person can also contribute to the development of healthcare protocols by providing feedback on scenarios especially in cases when they are experienced living experts.

We have successfully run four SP training days within the Regional Simulation Project led by Andy Buttery in 2021 and 2023. We now have a good sized cohort of simulated people who act out scenarios across the region.

We have supported a range of courses and events throughout the region.

If you are interested in hiring simulated patients for your professional training days, please contact Sarah at to discuss your requirements.

If you are interested in becoming a simulated patient, we will be holding another training day in 2024. This will be a paid training day and you will need to be registered in advance for us to arrange patment. Please contact Sarah using the above email address.