WANTED! Simulated Patients!.


WANTED! Simulated Patients!.


After training as a simulated patient you will role-play parts in real medical scenario’s designed to develop healthcare practioners skills and responses to given situations. This approach allows them to develop their reasoning and communication skills in a realistic, safe environment. As part of the role you may be required to provide feedback from the patient perspective (not on the medical content) – this is a unique situation and provides for the student an important learning opportunity that will not occur with real patients!

Duties and responsibilitiesTo attend one day SP training (paid) To attend a training session as a simulated patient (between half a day and a full day long) in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. To ensure that our SP standards of delivery are adhered to. To provide feedback on experience and training.

Skills and experienceConfidence in acting or role playing, excellent communication skills, excellent time keeping skills. Able to travel to training venues in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.


Kent, Sussex and Surrey

Additional information

Scenarios in which simulated patients have been used include. breaking bad news; consent and ethical issues; dealing with children; dealing with people with communication difficulties; angry patients or relatives; team working. 

The role is until July 2022.  

Closing date 20th October, with a face to face training date proposed as 4th November 2021

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