Learning Together @ Home


Learning Together @ Home

Parents’ support is especially important for children at the beginning of their school life. However, family members are varied in the way they communicate and interact together, which may influence the process of Learning @ Home and child’s future academic achievement.

The purpose of our project is to observe how parents and children interact with each other when working together on homework, looking specifically at the support the parent provides the child. We will also be looking at what impact the home environment has on how the parent and child interact. The study has an international scope, so we will compare how parents and children from different countries complete homework together.

Would you like to help? We are inviting families to take part in this research study to help us understand what makes family learning interactions so important for children’s achievement.

We are looking for mothers whose children are just at the beginning of their school life (Reception year). In order to participate, you must be the mother of a child between 4 and 5 years old. You and your child will both participate in the project. We are aiming to recruit 100 families from various schools.

If you wish to learn more about Learning Together @ Home project or would like to participate with your child please contact me, Ekaterina Cooper, at Our Facebook page is over at and you can find out more about the project at Learning Together @ Home.

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