In the first of a new series of blogs, Tom explores concepts around creativity and the creative process and how the #poeticnursingheart took shape.

Why choose poetry?

What do we think of when we talk about creativity? It almost seems to be an external an almost mythical occurrence. People may say to you with a sense of wonder… you are so creative. They would probably be looking at a product or a tangible object that acts as the catalyst for the statement. This is not the creative medium, it is an outcome being appreciated in the present.

To be creative is to be vulnerable, risk-seeking, risk-taking, thrill-seeking; adventurous, courageous; opportunistic. These are great attributes and welcomed in some cultures but often modified or limited for the sake of process.

Having a conversation with a good friend he talked of the need to unlock creativity through a process of discomfort. But I felt compelled to think? Who locked it up in the first place?

‘Curiosity and creativity are never far apart. You need to be curious to identify problems worth solving, and then come up with new solutions. We try to foster this in the Google culture. Our teams are full of curious, energetic, passionate people from diverse backgrounds, and they have unconventional approaches to work, play, and life. Our atmosphere may be casual, but as new ideas emerge – at lunch, on campus, in the gym – they are traded, tested, and put into practice with dizzying speed’.

So it seems vital to google and many other companies that we allow space for creativity to develop and hopefully thrive.

So back to the question: Why choose Poetry?

I don’t really have a defined answer other than I wanted to try something different but with not true understanding of why, more an intuition that it could be a good thing. Working alongside others gave me a sense of validity and the #poeticnursingheart symposium was conceived.


An open environment for students and teachers to simply come and share poems of significance.

Whatever happens as a result is unknown. But in the words of my favourite poet and poem…



Reflect, respond, contribute #poeticnursingheart