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The Student Opportunities Awards


The Student Opportunities Awards

An evening of celebration and recognition for all the hardwork Partners in Learning students had been giving all year.

As the drinks were flowing, the Partners in Learning Student Consultants eagerly awaited the evening to start. PiL had been nominated for Outstanding Organisation of the Year and the Student-Led Project of the Year for the Student Guide to Learning & Teaching. One of our students, Georgia Horsley, was also nominated for her contribution to various projects within Partners in Learning, being the first student to be involved with two projects.

The evening’s events unfolded with students receiving certificates and applause for their contribution to volunteering and other extra-curricular achievements. A sense of pride was felt amongst the students who seemed grateful for the recognition.

Following the presentation of Christchurch Extra certificates and awards, it was time for the prizes, of which we were nominated for 3.

In eager anticipation we listened, applauded, listened, applauded, listened…The Learning & Teaching Strategy project did not win the Student-Led Project of the Year, this was awarded to the Outreach Ambassadors who ran a school project to improve academic skills.  We had one more nomination…

With baited breath we awaited the announcement of the winner of Organisation of the Year. “Partners in Learning!” – and with that the whole table erupted with cheers and high fives, which was perhaps a little over zealous in an otherwise quiet and composed audience. But we didn’t care what we looked like!

We’ve been proud of what we have achieved all along, but it was touching to find out that our efforts and the efforts of students working on other projects within the organisation were appreciated and recognised.

Our prize was £200 which we are planning to use to celebrate and reward students past, present and future for their contribution to the organisation. This will be the kickstarter of what we hope to be a series of celebrations throughout the year, building a community amongst all Partners in Learning students, working on different projects.


To catch a snippet of the evening, take a peek of the vlog below by student Vlogger Bodgan Alexe: (Partners in Learning feature in it A LOT!!)

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