The HiVE.

I am connected to the idea of the #hive as the #bees 🐝 are a perfect example to us. But would we ever listen to the wing beat of a better way. They work as one body. 

I have a new #poem called ‘the demise of Me’ we must reassess the values we have got accustomed to. The materialist is socially distanced. We have regressed to #progress. 

The poetry of the demise of the #falseself … is a reflection of my space with #faith..my God is creation… personal, loving and ever present. I have felt the same challenge for a number of years and it has been accelerated in the last few weeks. I love my family and my faith centrally as my heart beats. I just find such a sadness and paradox when I look at the world. 

A living reality of the scriptures from my youth… ‘in the world but not of the world’. The separation is real and painful like a reminder of physical grief… that refining will be realised within time. That’s my world now. Faith and knowledge rest with me woken and asleep. And I rest on #hope Can we become the embodiment of the hive? Aware of how our part is central to the health of the #community. Just more #aware of our collective body. 

Our movement and interactions being pivotal to the #health of all. One certainty is ‘the demise of me’ I will be unable to return to the identity of old as it will be like accidentally putting on someone else’s coat after school as a child. It just doesn’t feel right. 

From the fear and trembling of #kierkegaard to the #existential self absorption of most philosophy. I draw back to my sand castle theory of impermanence. All we have is present love. Uncertainty and helplessness has driven a mass derealisation. We must remain present and aware of the #hive. 

The demise of me

As the I dies to love


Absence Terms of reference

We use words we don’t know

fragility, imperceptible

What hive is in order.Β 

Rest in the knowledge

that I love humanity as a collective

You are all vital

to the health of the connected

whole.Β  Β 

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