Nicole reflects on how she became involved in the #poeticnursingheart and how the symposia had a deep effect on both staff and students.

Poetry is truth, beauty, freedom and love.

As a poetry enthusiast I was particularly excited when my colleague Tom Delahunt asked me to support him to create a series of events that allowed staff and students to share poems.  We were keen to keep the very essence of this event raw and decided to dedicate some time to a symposium that would be a safe space designed to allow creativity and flexibility.

What happened during this symposium was unique.  Within a matter of minutes individuals were sharing poems they liked, poems that evoked memories of loved ones and some that they had penned themselves.  The shared love of poetry through this medium was magical and it was unequivocal that this type of event was creating deep connections between the faculty and student body.  Staff and students shared heartfelt stories, fond memories, loss and the beauty of life all through poetic prose.

When the session was drawing to a close the feeling in the room was one of shared understanding, partnership and wonder all enjoyed through a bohemian view.  A wonder which would continue to grow outside of the room.  Excitement to explore new poets or poems that had been shared and a feeling that this type of forum could lead on to something more.



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