Tom describes how new technologies helped bring some of the poems to life at the symposia, and invites you to play along….

#poeticnursingheart – Augmented Reality

During the PGCAP we were asked to show Enhancement of academic practice. This was in the form of a poster presentation and this initially was underwhelming… But then I was introduced to augmented reality. This is a wonderful process where a normally flat image can be made to come alive by overlaying a Jpeg image behind in a software programme. Then with a mobile phone the user can select the image and the video will play.


For the symposium we played a creative game. We had four posters developed with famous poets reciting their poetry. The symposium attendees could then go around and hear the poems being read back to them by their authors. This added a texture and a depth to the words as the poets live their words. One of the poems was an imposter and the game was to identify who this was.



You can play the same game as the previous four posts were accompanied by the same images used in the symposium and the image will work on the computer. All you need to do is follow the guidance bellow for the wonder of augmented reality change to occur.


So what to do.. go to your apps store on your phone/device and find HPreveal if you download this and follow td179 or #poeticnursingheart once this is done you should find the images will then become interactive and the poets will either talk in audio or appear in video. You job is to identify the imposter.



Reflect, respond, contribute #poeticnursingheart