Monica recounts her experience working with Partners in Learning to create video material for the Learning & Teaching Conference.

I am a Film, Radio and Television student, and I worked with Partners in Learning in May and June 2016, on a project that encouraged and gave me the opportunity to develop practical, technical and communication skills.
I was approached by my flatmate, and Partners in Learning student, Georgia Horsley, to help the team create a video for the Learning and Teaching Conference. They needed a video that featured interviews from people about the department, and the work they did. My involvement in this meant I would be able to use and develop my filming and editing skills which I am always keen on doing. I was happy to take on the work, initially just seeing it as some work experience that would at least put my skills to practice, and help my friend with her work. Looking back, I see that I have gained so much more from my experience.
Georgia introduced me to the student engagement officer, Phil Mooney. I could tell that there was strong communication and a friendly atmosphere among the team, which was really encouraging. It was relaxed, and I felt that I was being treated as an equal. I was confident in my capabilities and was looking forward to getting the work started.
I worked very closely with Georgia throughout the entire project. Using what I have learned about camerawork and set design, I discussed in detail with Georgia what would look and feel best, in order for the video to be successful. We took all of this on board when arranging the interviews and conducting them. We completed the filming in a just a couple of days, with plenty of interview footage ready for the editing process. Editing is always somewhat tedious for me, sifting through hours of footage to choose the most relevant parts but I soon found myself stuck in, working many long hours which I enjoyed. I was dedicated to producing a professional looking and effective end-product, and my skills were rapidly developing.
Georgia and Phil were both happy and impressed with my work, as well as other members of staff who even believed it had been made professionally! My overall experience has been so valuable and insightful, developing my skills greatly, and has really boosted my confidence. I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity in my first year at university, and I hope to take on similar projects whenever I can. The friendly team are so dedicated and supportive, and it’s great to work with a group of people who are all passionate and enthusiastic about their work. I am very thankful to have worked with them, and would not hesitate to work with them again.


Monica Gonzalez